Ben&Ben’s emotional tribute to ‘Maria Clara and Ibarra

The use of scenes from the classic story “Maria Clara at Ibarra” in the music video of Ben&Ben’s single “Kayumanggi” has made the experience more inspiring and heartfelt. The music video features some of the most iconic scenes from the story of the characters, and it complements the band’s song about love of country and appreciation for Filipino traits.

Ben & ben Maria Clara at Ibarra

Many netizens praised GMA Network for producing such a masterpiece, and they hope that the network will create more historical dramas like this in the future. The vocalist/guitarist of Ben&Ben, Paolo Benjamin, also commended the show and called it a groundbreaking production.

The latest episode of the series showcased Klay’s heroic act of saving Juli from committing suicide due to the abuse she suffered from Padre Camorra. The show aims to inspire rape victims to continue living and to let them know that there are people who are willing to help them.

The show is full of valuable life lessons, which is why viewers are eagerly anticipating the last five nights of “Maria Clara at Ibarra.” Many fans expressed their fondness for the show and how it made them happy and taught them so many lessons.

You can catch the show every Monday to Friday, 8 PM on GMA Telebabad, and 9:40 PM on GTV. Also, the music video of Ben&Ben’s “Kayumanggi” featuring scenes from “Maria Clara at Ibarra” can be seen on GMA Network and GMA Pinoy TV’s social media accounts.

Written by Andi Garcia

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