Liza Soberano IG account hacked? Unfollows and deletes photos with Enrique on IG

Liza Soberano’s Instagram account has become a mystery to her 17.6 million followers. They are wondering if her account was hacked or if she intentionally deleted all of her posts, unfollowed everyone including Enrique Gil, and even removed her profile photo. Currently, the actress is in the U.S. and has not yet given any statement regarding the issue. Fans are worried about what may have happened since her account has a massive following. Some have even speculated whether the actress is going through something personally.



On Twitter, many have asked for clarification on what happened to her account. One fan tweeted that Liza’s Instagram account was allegedly hacked and expressed hope that the team would work to recover it. The tweet also expressed anger towards the hacker, stating that they deserved to suffer miserably, not just be jailed, but to be sent to hell.

“Apparently, miss Liza Soberano’s Instagram account was hacked. I hope the team is working and they can recover it : (( whoever did this, you deserve to rot miserably. And I meant no jail, but hell.” – Liza Fan


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With no official statement from Liza herself, it remains unclear what truly happened to her Instagram account. Her fans are hoping for updates and are waiting for her return on social media.




Written by Andi Garcia

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