Kris overcomes one deadly disease

Vice Governor Mark Leviste has returned to the Philippines from America, where he visited Kris Aquino on her birthday and to spend time with her on Valentine’s Day. Mr. Leviste shared a video on his Facebook account showing Kris giving a message and thanking everyone for their prayers. Kris also talked about her current condition and her recent doctor’s appointment.



In the video, Kris mentioned that she had a three-hour consultation with her doctor, which was originally scheduled for July but was moved up to February. She expressed her gratitude for the support and prayers she had received and said that she now has one less life-threatening autoimmune condition to worry about. However, she also mentioned that she felt a little dizzy and her blood pressure was high.

“Today was a pretty good uplifting day,” Kris said. “He discussed thoroughly, he asked me my entire history, and he was telling me na these are the pros and the cons. And he ruled out… and he did say yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s active. So, medyo that gave me a lot of whooo, ‘Thank God’.”

Despite some parts of the video being hard to hear, Kris’s fans were happy to hear that she is doing well and that one of her health concerns has been alleviated. They continue to pray for her complete recovery.

“Prayers from fans are still ongoing for Kris’s full recovery,” the article concluded.




Written by Andi Garcia

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