Angelica Panganiban celebrates son’s birthday despite sleepless nights

While most people complain about not getting enough sleep, for Angelica Panganiban and her partner Gregg Homan, being sleep-deprived brings them happiness. The reason behind this is their five-month-old cute baby, whom the actress shared a celebration with on Instagram.


PHOTO: IG / iamangelicap

In the photos, we can see the pure joy on Angelica’s face as she carries her healthy baby. In another photo, we see Gregg carrying the baby.

The couple celebrated their baby’s fifth month with a simple gathering, with some dishes on the table and a small cake with the number “5” on top.

“5 months of being half sleep as parents. But why is time passing by so quickly?” Angelica said.

Netizens related to Angelica’s message, with some mothers commenting that it may be tiring, but it is also very fulfilling and joyful.

Fans can’t help but gush over Angelica’s baby’s mixed-race complexion and healthy body, as well as the baby’s adorable reaction to seeing food.

As Angelica and Gregg navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood, they remain grateful and happy, cherishing every moment with their little bundle of joy. As Angelica said, “time flies, but every moment with our baby is worth it.”



Written by Andi Garcia

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