Kris Aquino Celebrates Birthday in the US with Mark Leviste

Kris Aquino celebrated her birthday in the US with Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste as one of her guests.

Leviste shared a photo of him and Aquino on his social media account on Wednesday. On Twitter, the vice governor expressed his happiness of being able to arrive in the US just in time for the 52nd birthday of Aquino, which also happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.

According to Leviste, even if it took over 7,000 miles to be with Aquino, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He also added that despite being apart, his heart is full now that they are together.

With three heart emojis added to the post he shared on Twitter, Leviste penned, “Happy Birthday to you and Happy Valentine’s Day to us!”

But even with such a sweet and almost obvious post, it remains unclear if there is a brewing romance on the horizon between Aquino and Leviste.

The politician also posted a video earlier of his visit to Aquino in the US where the actress-host has been receiving treatments for her autoimmune conditions.

The video clip even has romantic background music, Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”

When Bimby, Aquino’s son, opened the vehicle’s door, Leviste’s first words to Aquino also caught the attention of netizens: “You are so beautiful.”

It is also worth noting that the caption that Leviste used for his reunion with Aquino was also the same quote the actress used in an image post the day before: “Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.”

In her post on February 13, Aquino updated shared updates about her health to her following, mentioning a mystery man who serves as her support system together with her companions, friends, and family in the US.

With no names mentioned, Aquino wrote, “You need to be a very determined man of your word to fly 13 hours each way to spend a few days with me on my birthday.”

Earlier this year, Aquino and Leviste sparked rumors when the politician posted their photo together in California on New Year’s Day.





Written by Andi Garcia

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