Sfi Affiliate Agreement


    If they don`t, they`re doomed to failure, and it didn`t seem like it made sense to highlight a “How to Make Money with Partner Programs” product for the average person. 31. The partner undertakes not to present, in whole or in part, the creative works of others as its own or to violate, for any reason, the copyright agreements. Such violations may result in suspension or termination of membership. 38. Affiliates who do not register with the SFI Affiliate Center for one year and who are NOT at least EA lose their SFI affiliateships. However, they keep their TripleClicks subscriptions for an indefinite period of time and their original AIF sponsors continue to make money from their member purchases. If an AIF subsidiary breaks down, all PPE and PRMs will pass from this former partner to its sponsor. For the purposes of this Agreement, SPAM is defined as the e-mail, fax or telephony of EVERYONE, in large quantities or individually, in violation of any anti-spamming laws or regulations in force for the country, state, county and city where the intended recipient resides.

    The Affiliate is required to seek out and comply with all laws relating to unwanted commercial emails. Under U.S. law, it is illegal to use “a phone, fax machine, computer, or other device to send unwanted advertising. E-mail advertising is any messaging message whose main purpose is to promote, directly or indirectly, the sale or distribution of goods or services to the recipient. (CAN-SPAM Act 2003). It is strictly forbidden to promote other business opportunities for AIF partners. Zing works because your member registration information gives you access to each of our properties. A login for all our real estate. At the same time, Zing SFI simplifies and makes it much more accessible, since the entry into SFI is reduced to a simple action: MEMBERS RETURN. By focusing solely on recommending members and informing your new PPE, you can be part of the explosive growth for AIPs, since your members are automatically exposed to ALL of our products and services. and the AIF Partnership Program as well.

    SFI represents Strong Future International and is by far the #1 home business program in the world! It is a powerful affiliate program, with global reach and powerful tools such as the TripleClicks option, which allows you to share products with members from all over the world. Any breach of any provision of this Agreement may result in the freezing or termination of your affiliate account, including loss of future commissions. SFI also reserves the right to take legal action against any affiliate that violates the provisions of this Agreement. Registering new partners or upgrading your partners` ranks without their consent is strictly prohibited and a reason to block or terminate your account. For more information, see the AIF Partnership Agreement. “With no experience on the Internet and no money, after losing my job, I joined the AIF. After completing the 30-day launch lessons, I promised myself that I would give it a year. After a few months, things started to explode! I went from a few affiliates in my team to hundreds! The AIF is a good choice for anyone looking for a second income that could become a primary income and that gives you the freedom to “fire the boss”! 41.

    The AIF carefully monitors various SFI affiliation actions, as indicated in the VP-Ledger, in the to-do list and in other sources of fraud. Violations result in the suspension of commissions or termination of the affiliate partnership. The AIF strictly prohibits its associates from publicly disclosing their own income, as a person`s income is not typical – but it shows what is possible with time, effort and dedication.