Terms And Conditions Agreement Of Sale


    9. Interest in security: ownership of goods sold under the contract is retained by the seller until all payments have been made in full in cash. The seller retains an interest in the guarantee of the goods sold to the buyer, the receivables related to the merchandise and the proceeds from the sale of the goods as a guarantee of the performance of his obligations by the buyer. The buyer authorizes the seller to prepare and file a financing return. The purchaser undertakes to execute and provide other documents to the extent necessary to create, develop, maintain or realize such security interests. The acceptance of an offer by a customer, a liaison agent, a representative or a seller for the seller by the buyer constitutes an agreement between the seller and the buyer after express confirmation by the seller himself. 16. Shipping conditions. In addition to the other terms of sale, the following terms and conditions apply to the transport of goods by the Seller when the seller is meeting the buyer by delivering to the buyer or on behalf of the buyer the goods purchased by the buyer by the Seller. In the event that an offer or confirmation is sent in response to the Buyer`s general order, the terms and conditions of that offer or confirmation, including these Terms and Conditions, apply to any delivery by the Seller, the buyer files additional orders (electronic or otherwise) and the Seller submits confirmation for those additional orders. All the terms of these documents by the purchaser are hereafterly rejected.

    “It” refers to the customer, that is, the person who accepts an offer from us for the sale of the items or whose order we accept for the items. 5.3 We guarantee that all items are complete and may be considered in good condition, unless otherwise stated in their descriptions. If it turns out that an item is incomplete or defective in the text or image and is not described as such in our physical description, we will refund your purchase price, subject to the following conditions: This guarantee does not apply to the absence of raw materials, half titles, tissue guard or advertisements, or for items described as sold in the catalogue. To assert a right under this paragraph, you must provide written information and, if applicable, photos of the defect within 2 years of the sale, and return the item to our home in the same condition as at the time of sale. You must return the item to us at your own expense and provided the item was inside at the time of the sale. The benefit of this guarantee will only be made available to the original purchaser on the invoice for the item issued at the time of the contract if, on the day of notification of the claim, the original purchaser is the full owner of the item and the item is exempt from third parties` rights, interest or restrictions.