Nova Scotia Labour Agreements


    All of the Employment Agency`s historic decisions, made by the Labour Relations Board/Construction Industry Panel, the Labour Standards Tribunal and the Occupational Health and Safety Appeal Panel, are available from CanLII. For all historical Employment Agency decisions that are not available at CanLII, please email to request the information. 22.4 The LMDA Joint Committee will provide a forum for information exchange and discussion on labour market challenges for employers, workers and the unemployed across Nova Scotia, with a focus on improving productivity. 3.4 Nova Scotia is responsible for the development of local, regional and provincial labour market information necessary to meet the responsibilities entrusted to it in this agreement, as well as the dissemination of labour market information as part of the implementation of this agreement in Nova Scotia, as well as the participation and maintenance of a link to the national labour market information system. Collective agreements and voluntary recognition agreements have been transferred to the Nova Scotia Open Data Portal. You can check them out here now. If you need to access an agreement that you can`t find on the Open Data portal, please email who request this information. 3.7 Nova Scotia will coordinate a continuum of employment and qualification programs implemented by the Department of Labour and Human Resources Development, the Department of Education, the Department of Community Services, the Department of Economic Development and other services. 3.1 Canada and Nova Scotia agree that annual targets for the three outcome indicators are agreed upon and are based on historical data, socio-economic and labour market contexts, local or regional priorities, client characteristics or needs, and resources available for NS benefits and measures. Canada and Nova Scotia agree that the results targets for the first year of NS benefits and measures will be flexible objectives. Below is a list of collective agreements for each of Dalhousie University`s five unions. If you are unsure of which union you belong to, please contact Human Resources at 494-3700 or

    7.7 The parties recognize that further provisions may be necessary to ensure continuity of after-sales service during the transfer of responsibilities under this agreement and that other arrangements may be required to resolve transitional issues. “New-Scotia Benefit,” a labour market repair program, as amended from time to time, by Nova Scotia, pursuant to Section 3, with credits transferred under this agreement to enable EO customers to find employment; 20.3 Canada and Nova Scotia agree to cooperate to provide opportunities for announcements, ceremonies, celebrations and reporting, so that representatives of Canada and Nova Scotia can clearly express each government`s role in supporting the benefits and measures of NS.