Clinical Director Agreement


    This checklist does NOT cover all clauses that should be included in an agreement. Additional revisions or languages may be required depending on the following factors and the circumstances of each agreement. Some, but not all directors, require a doctor of a particular specialty. While the director of the cardio lab must be a cardiologist, the director of the EHR implementation or the chief of staff can be a doctor of any specialty. I, the doctor who signed, represent that I meet the criteria of activity of medical director of the agency EMS and that I agree to exercise the functions of medical director of the agency EMS for the next agency EMS. It is common to have two or more medical director positions in certain disciplines, such as. B cardiology, while in others, it is rare. Most medical directors pay by the hour, the minimum and maximum number per week, per month or per year, described in the contract. Some administrative or medical management positions, particularly roles such as chiefs of staff, pay monthly or annual grants without a defined hourly rate.

    It is typical to have the language of the contract that allows to take into account holidays, holidays, JAHCO surveys, etc. for periods when activity is high and low. The specialty may affect the payment or not. While it may seem logical that an orthopaedic surgeon should be paid more than a pediatrician working in the same role, most market data do not support the wage gap unless management or management significantly reduces the practitioner`s commitment and the physician`s clinical income. This is often referred to as “opportunity cost” and is only relevant in certain situations. An independent valuation may be recommended if payment rates exceed the default benchmarks for the position concerned. Choosing a strong medical director to oversee a department, specialty or program can advance the clinical agenda or create a basis for setting up clinical service lines. Clinical monitoring, policy development, staff training, quality assessment, compliance with legislation, committee participation, protocol development, budgeting and program development are the main challenges. A manager or executive must check each date before being processed for payment. The audit is carried out in two ways: to verify that the obligation has been met (and notified by the doctor) as indicated in the agreement, and to ensure that the requested payment complies with the specifications of the contract.