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    This bonus applies if both contracts are at least 24 months (check for Magenta Eins Vorteil for all information). If you look for a 24 months contract you might save some money during the first 12 months, but the period afterwards is more expensive with o2 than with 1&1 Internet. If you want WiFi at home, be sure to sign up for an internet contract with a WLAN ready router. However, keep in mind that this flexibility will come with higher costs than signing up for a 24 month contract, for example. Whatever your needs are, with our help you will find the best German mobile contract! Be aware that you can only sign up for contracts in Germany when you have a valid German bank account. So there is really no need to go for a more flexible (in terms of contract), but more expensive and slower option, like a Internet Surf Stick. Any company lets you change the address on the contract to your new residence, without prolonging the contract for another 24 months. Still nowadays a German landline number comes in handy, and what better than that you will get a free landline number with your internet contract. When you’re successfully signed up with an Internet provider in Berlin, it is then time to get your mobile phone contract and your cable TV contract.

    ✅ Good reception in cities ✅ Fast mobile internet with LTE ✅ Cheap starter packages to pricier high speed packages ✅ Flexible contract duration starting from 1 month to 24 months 🔻 Weaker signal in rural areas And thirdly most contracts with Telekom include benefits such as TV via internet (extra cost may apply). Dank der weitgehenden Einigung auf die micro-USB-Schnittstelle für den Ladeanschluss sind Handy Ladegeräte prinzipiell untereinander austauschbar. Das Handy-Ladekabel hat auf der einen Seite einen micro-USB-Anschluss und auf der anderen Seite einen USB-Anschluss für die Verbindung zum Handy-Ladegerät oder PC. Der Ladevorgang ist bei der Verbindung mit einem Netzteil bis zu dreimal schneller abgeschlossen. Der USB 2.0-Port am PC liefert maximal nur 500 mA. Die Ladegeräte geben meist eine Spannung von 700 bis 1.000 mA ab. Im Auto laden Sie Ihr Smartphone über den Zigarettenanzünder auf, dafür finden Sie bei MediaMarkt geeignete Kfz-Ladekabel und Kfz-Ladegeräte. Möchten Sie Ihr Smartphone im Auto zum Navigieren verwenden? Das aktive GPS und der ständig eingeschaltete Bildschirm treiben den Stromverbrauch in die Höhe, der Anschluss an den Zigarettenanzünder ist bei mehrstündigen Fahrten notwendig. If you are not sure how long you will stay in Germany, signing up for a monthly contract would be a great idea. This needs to be pointed out because in the past, the laws on this were different and a change of residence meant that a contract had to be renewed. To help you find the best mobile contract for your own personal needs and preferences, we put together an overview of the most popular German phone providers.

    Find the best German mobile phone contract with our help. ✅ 8GB of mobile Data with LTE speed ✅ 6 month contracts ✅ Flatrate for calls within Germany and flatrate for SMS ✅ Very competitive prices ISY IUC-3100 3-in-1 Kabel , Sync-und Ladekabel, 1,6 m, Schwarz Naturally the longer the contract runs the higher are the bonuses or discounts that the providers might offer. But again a mobile surf stick cannot replace a real internet contract, but if you need to be online on the go it is a nice extra to have. This appointment may take something between 2-4 weeks after you signed up for your internet contract. If you prefer good reception both in cities and in rural areas and fast mobile internet you should pick one of the D1 network contracts. Now all contracts with more than 16MBit/s come with over 50 German TV stations in HD quality – completely for free. If you are travelling a lot, also in more rural areas, then you should rather opt for D-Netz or LTE max contracts, which are slightly more expensive and start with 14,99€ per month, but offer the best reception possible.