Christian Bautista Announces Engagement to Girlfriend Kat Ramnani


On November 3, 2017, the 36-year-old actor and singer, Christian Bautista announced his engagement to girlfriend Kat Ramnani which took place while they were on Venice, Italy for a trip.

Aside from the announcement, Christian happily told the world as well through a photo posted in Instagram where he and Kat were all smiles in flaunting their engagement rings. The caption of the image is simple, yet sweet. It says “She said yes. [kiss emoji] 10/30/2017”

The two have been in a vacation around Europe basing on their individual posts in Instagram. This has been going around for quite a couple of years now.

It was quite a long time when Christian revealed to Philippine Entertainment Portal, or that he has a girlfriend. During that time, he was not yet ready to reveal the identity of the girl he was dating for he would like to keep everything going on between them private.

Image Credit: Philippine Entertainment Portal

After a few months though, on July 1, 2016 to be specific, it changed for he gamely went out on a public with his girlfriend during the Preview Ball held at Whitespace Manila. This somehow served as a declaration.

On a separate interview conducted by, Christian fondly shared that he met Kat during a breakout game. This happened with a group of players who have to follow clues, and solve puzzles. They have to do this so that they could win. However, there was a closed room under time pressure during the entire scene.

He would recall Kat who was someone geeky. She was so eager to solve the problems. That was the time Christian found her really cute.

Apart from the couple getting along, his family and that of Kat are also okay too. Christian even mentioned in one of his interviews that his parents has an impression of Kat as “very funny to be with, she’s smart, she loves sports-our family loves sports.”

Given the age of Christian, it is not surprising why his parents are equally excited too.

Kat is 33. According to reports, she is a part-time model, and head for music content working for a telecommunications company.

Image Source: @katramnani Instagram

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