Atom Araullo and his take on Being a Celebrity


Atom Araullo definitely created a fuss when he transferred to GMA 7 on October 2017. Needless to say, the Kapuso network welcomed him with arms wide open. It was as if there was a launching of an actor, a teaser was immediately posted on social media. It was tagged as a ‘big reveal.’ This was how it was tagged by evening news. Afterwards, a one-on-one interview was facilitated through Jessica Soho. He was described by the journalist as someone who has both the looks and brains.

It could not denied that Araullo is considered both a journalist and a celebrity. A status not easily accessible to journalists. With this, he tags himself as a ‘lucky’ person. He even called the place as a ‘unique position.’ However, he is also quite aware that this kind of life may be a boon or bane

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During an interview with, Araullo said, “there are two sides to it. I suppose you can say that it’s unorthodox for a person who delivers the news to be part of the news. But since it is there – and it is what it is- I just have to make sure that I put it to good use; definitely, we can utilize that.” He shared this thoughts during a conference conducted by Inquirer. This was when he was asked about his opinion about him being taken as a celebrity.

Indeed, his popularity could be used as an advantage. For Atom, to have a certain amount of influence is somehow good since people may listen to him. However, he is also aware that the obligation does not stop from there. With this he commented, “Trust is earned. And the only way to do that is to continue doing good work.” He also added “It’s up to me to prove that the quality of my work matches the kind of attention being given to me.”

In relation to the mentioned transferring, Atom signed a two-year contract with GMA News and Public Affairs. The first project of the journalist with the Kapuso Network was “Philippine Seas” which was aired on November 5, 2017.

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