Anne Curtis Gets Herself Inked; Spends Time with Ewan on South Korea


In an Instagram post done by playground_tat2, Anne Curtis was seen bearing a cross lettering tattoo which she has obtained during her stay in South Korea. The ink was described as a minimalist tattoo for having just a cross in it.

The actress liked the post, along 10,000 users of the said application.

It was reported that Curtis, together with her fiancé, Erwan Heussaff, took off to South Korea. On their posts, they were almost synonymous to lead stars featured in Korean dramas for their backdrops were perfect – autumnal woods.

Aside from the vacation, the two were set to get married this year. While no specifics were disclosed about the wedding yet, there are rumors going around believing that they might probably have the marriage in New Zealand.

Erwan proposed to Anne during their United States trip. It happened in Yosemite National Park autumn of last year.

Image Source: Anne Curtis  (Screen grab: Instagram/annecurtissmith)

Enjoying the Autumn Colors of South Korea

With their photos and all, it cannot be denied that the two were really enjoying the spectrum of South Korea.

Through their endless travels, it could be assumed that the couple were making the most of their time as boyfriend and girlfriend. It was a holiday break for them. What a perfect time to visit one of the most calming and relaxing places in the world.

Anne and Erwan were like exchanging posts on their Instagram account. They are obviously in love. Heussaff posted a photo of them searching for peace and quiet in the so called “field of dreams.”

They took really creative shots. They were having fun – that is for sure.

There was this photo where they were lying on fallen yellow leaves. Heussaff captioned this by quoting the movie “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind,” saying that “always talking isn’t necessarily communicating,” where they tried to mimic the poster of the said film, only that in the movie, Kate and Jim were lying on ice. The lovebirds were on leaves.

Image Source:  Heussaff’s Instagram Stories

Anne remained beautiful all throughout, giving the credit of course to her cosmetic line. She was even seen featuring them on her page.

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