John Lloyd Cruz Takes A Break from Showbiz


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After the viral pictures and videos with actress, Ellen Adarna, John Lloyd Cruz announced his decision to take a break from show business. He is said to be taking one for an indefinite period of time.

According to the official statement released by ABS-CBN, the award-winning actor expressed his desire to leave the country so that he could attend to his personal matters. The ABS-CBN Corporate Communications was the source of this statement.

The press statement given by ABS-CBN on October 06, 2017 through Kane Errol Choa, Head of Integrated Corporate Communications, was “ABS-CBN and John Lloyd Cruz have agreed for him to take an indefinite leave of absence to attend to personal matters. John Lloyd will be taking a break outside the country and will return to ABS-CBN after his leave of absence.”

The last movie of Cruz was his reunion film with Sarah Geronimo with a title “Finally Found Someone.” During the run of the said material, a rumor had gone around the internet because of his alleged relationhop with sexy actress, Ellen Adarna. The issue had become loud since there had been videos and pictures circulating John Lloyd and Ellen in a vacation.

John Lloyd was last seen in the 11th Star Magic Ball which occurred in September 30.

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Indeed, it has been a whirlwind for John Lloyd. His drunk videos and photos had left an impression and created a fuss over the internet. This had also led to him opening up his relationship with Ellen Adarna.

So many fans in the internet have expressed their disappointment with the decisions of John Lloyd lately. However, there are those who believe that it was perhaps the best thing to do. They say that the toxic brought by stardom can be real pressuring sometimes. The break may be able to help the actor work on his other passions such as photography. This may also be a chance for him to spend time with his loved ones. They know that this is a chance for him to reconnect with the people who matter in the life of John Lloyd.

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