Solenn Speaks Up about Living Together Before Marriage


Until now, living together even before marriage is a big issue being talked about in the country. This is not surprising knowing the different beliefs Filipinos have. While Solenn Heussaf knows that such set-up is not designed for all people, she said that doing so was really beneficial for her and her husband. She said to the reporters, “For me, you get to know a person that way. If we didn’t live in, the adjustments we had to do could have been greater, and could have put a strain on our relationship.” Solenn stressed this during the press conference of “All-Star Videoke,” which she will co-host with comedian Betong Sumaya.’

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Getting to Know Each Other

“Nico is messy. And I didn’t know that beforehand, I might have said babu!” she also added in the interview. She was able to discover this upon sharing home with Argentinean husband, Nico Bolzico for almost five years before tying they got married just last year. This enabled her to really get to know her husband. She even emphasized “Now, I know who he is, so we get to compromise.”

The Kapuso actress was asked to describe her marriage with Nico as of the moment. She commented that it is super chill, “That’s why it works, I feel. Makulit kami – just like friends. And we have never had a serious fight. Sometimes, I just give him the silent treatment, but that’s about it,’ she fondly stated.

While the newly-wed couple talks about building a much bigger family, Solenn cleared that as of the moment, they do not have any plans of having a baby yet. According to Solenn, she is a planner. She does everything at the right time. With this, she shared that she can see herself having a child when she turns 34.

Apart from “All-Star,” Solenn is also one of the casts of the primetime show, “Alyas Robin Hood.” She is also in-charge in hosting the lifestyle show “Taste Buddies.”

“There’s a lot going on for us right now. I don’t want to rush things. We haven’t really had a lot of time together since we got married. And I want to work more.”

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