Bb. Pilipinas-International Mariel de Leon comments about Violence


Bb. Pilipinas-International Mariel de Leon, was very much vocal with her views on the government’s war on drugs, and she expressed them through her Twitter account.

Primarily, she twitted “Bloody Philippines,” on August 18 after all the controversies going on with the administration’s campaign against the illegal substance.

It can be remembered that Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, was also bombarded with the same criticism after speaking up against violence which took place in the current Barcelona attacks. Despite that though, the title-holder remained silent with the country’s current battle against drugs.

About Speaking Up

Well, it is after all the internet – opinions are diverse, and getting the approval of majority will have to be the hardest. It is not surprising how there were netizens who commended de Leon for speaking up what is on her mind. They believed that she was doing right in terms of raising awareness with regard to relevant issues that are faced by the society. There were those who raised their eyebrows though, saying that she should have known better than hyping rage.

With this, de Leon openly replied: “How am I influencing hate? It’s about opening our eyes to what’s happening around us.”

Jim Paredes, Apo Hiking Society singer and musician, praised de Leon for speaking what they call the truth. He bravely stated through a Twitter post: “The truth must be said. And you expressed it. Thank you.”

Among her tweets also include “It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that people are okay with murder because their leader says it is okay.” Brave, really.

It is not a shocker how her tweets received various reactions from these netizens. The same is also true with personalities including the assistant secretary of the Philippine Communications Operations Office (PCCO) Mocha Uson. This even led to the blogger and administrator supporter Uson, calling the attention of the beauty queen by saying that she was accusing the killing of criminals for murder, and how it was a different thing.

It is the internet, after all! Everyone can pull their freedom of speech card, when need be!

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