Kathryn Bernardo Impresses Everyone in Wonder Woman Costume


La Luna Sangre star, Kathryn Bernardo, was seen channeling her inner fan girl as she strut around with a Wonder Woman costume designed and created by Christian Mark Rodil last week.

Bernardo was really into it that the seven tagged Gal Gadot, the actress who starred on the film, in her Instagram post. She captioned it “When you take fangirling to the next level.”

The netizen cannot help but engage. As a matter of fact, they made a major throwback over Twitter as they showed Kathryn dressing as a superhero way back when she was still young. The star-spangled costume was indeed familiar to everyone. They used the old photo to compare her then and now.

Image Source: CNN Philippines

Getting Noticed

The possibility of Bernardo being noticed by the Israeli actress is of a high potential knowing that Wonder Woman is fond of reposting images of whatever fan art and cosplays tagged to her. There was even a time when she shared a photo of Filipino kids in Superman and Wonder Woman costume.

It can be remembered that Paolo Ballesteros earlier did an impression of Gadot in one of his make-up transformations. He even got the attention of the actress, making her comment “incredible.” Gadot was in awe with how realistic Ballesteros’ make-up transformation was. No wonder why Gadot would share fan art of her followers occasionally in her Instagram account. Some can still be found in there.

With that said – no one can ever tell when Gadot will come to see Kathryn’s transformation. For sure, nothing goes unnoticed.

Whether Kathryn gets noticed or not, one thing is for sure – Bernardo was able to impress everyone when she performed on stage with her Wonder Woman costume. Everything about her was on point, from her hair, down to her make-up and armor, it really worked for her. She even nailed the fighting stance, which not everyone saw coming. This should not be surprising knowing that she has been going through training for her actions scenes care of her latest soap opera.

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Let us wait and see if Gadot will react!

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