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Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, tv host, and mother, encouraged everyone to put the power of social media into good use. This is just alright considering that the celebrity has millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Since then, her feed is filled with hows her family life been doing with PBA cager, JC Intal. Also included in the scene is their child, Baby Lucia. She also uses the platform to express thoughts for the day, travel tips, home and reactions with regard to pressing issues going around the country.

Image Source: Bianca Gonzalez’ twitter account

More than Tech-Savvy

Apart from being a tech savvy, Bianca is seen on Cinema News on Cinema One, and Modern Living on ANC. These shows serve as an avenue for Gonzales to talk about related topics.

During a chat with, Bianca answered the following questions gamely:

What’s the toughest and best part of being an athlete’s wife? The toughest part would be figuring out how to talk to your husband or motivate him after a big loss in a game, or when they have medical concerns, like sprains or aching joints. The best part … would be the pride and happiness you feel when you watch him, whether live or on TV.
Who’s your dream interviewee? I have two: MVP (Manuel V. Pangilinan) and RSA (Ramon S. Ang). I want to ask them about what have been the keys to their success, and what advice they can give to young people who are just starting in the work force—what it takes to be a “visionary.”

What are your “dos and don’ts” as a host? Do study your material. Do adjust to the audience in front of you. If you have to go off the script to get their attention—because you see them bored—do it. Don’t be a slave to memorizing lines. Study your material.

What were your most memorable interviews? Too many to mention, really. They include Charo Santos, Maria Ressa, Cheche Lazaro, Norman Black, Tim Cone, Grace Poe, Kenneth Yang and Karen Davila. The one thing in common that all these greats have is, they never stop learning and growing despite everything they’ve already achieved. That’s my biggest takeaway.

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