Is James Yap Really Using Bimby for Publicity?



Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, used her Official Facebook Page to speak up against ex-husband James Yap regarding their son, Bimby.

According to James, he has not seen Bimby for almost 8 months now. He mentioned this as an article was posted by Pep on August 18 citing the post. He even added that he kid might no longer like him, or at least he feel like it. This led him to stating “So sana pagdating ng 17, may desisyon na siyang sarili na, kung gusto niya ako makita, kung gusto niya ako makita na tatay niya, any time ditto ako.” He said this during the opening of District 8 Gastropub.

Right now, he’s very vocal to saying that he will not force any relationship with Bimby, since he feels like it will only be pointless. He said that it may only hurt both of them. It is Mic, James’ girlfriend, who keeps in touch with Kris. They have the number of each other. James said that she is not allowed to give Kris’ number. That is why the earlier is in-charge in contacting James’ former wife, if there is a need to do so.

Screengrab from Instagram/krisaquino

The Other Side

It was on August 19 when Kris accused James of using their son, Bimby for publicity. She said that the basketball player might be doing this for his newest venture. With this, she wrote:

“James Yap – stop using Bimb for publicity, most especially when you are opening a BAR! That is the wrong venue to be discussing your relationship (or in this case lack of one) with your son.”

Kris even closed the possibility of answering any related questions with regard to this matter. This was when she also asked for privacy. Apart from this, she also insinuated that James is not exerting any effort to spend time with Bimby. She even supported this by saying that James already quit supporting Bimby, financially. She openly said: “The last time you ‘shared’ for tuition was when Bimb was in 2nd grade- 3 full years ago, I have let that be since God has more than adequately been generous with us and I believe that a father’s financial responsibility should naturally come from his heart.”

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