At Last! Richard Gutierrez proposes to Sarah Lahbati



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While everyone might have probably seen this coming, everyone was still in awe with the impressive halo-set diamond Sarah Lahbati was wearing publicly lately as Richard Gutierrez secretly proposed to her months ago. After keeping their engagement lowkey, the couple finally decided to let it out in the open during the kick-off party of the newest season of the cable reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. They added that everything happened during their trip to Switzerland.

Gutierrez finally put a ring on it which was seen in the 5th season premiere of their show which took place on Monday, July 31. The ring was breath-taking, and Sarah too during that night.

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The Gutz!

During an interview with PUSH through their E! Channel viewing party held on the same day of engagement announcement at Taguig, Richard said “It’s a special moment for us. We’re excited to start a new chapter of our lives and you know guys I tried holding it off, I tried but my life with Sarah is better and we’re happy and we can’t wait to do this together.”

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Richard has been generous with details too as he shared the reason why it took quite some time before he asked his longtime girlfriend, and mother of his son, to actually tie the knot. When asked this, he answered: “Well I think it’s the perfect timing you know. It was a bit of a whirlwind the past few years for us you know, having a kid and leaving for a bit so when the dust settled down and we’re int he right bearing now and in the right frame of mind, it was just the perfect timing. I was waiting for the perfect timing and we were living our lives like we were married. I just wanted to formalize that and I just want to make it right. Make it right for my family, make it right for Zion, and make it right for Sarah. So that was the next move and the next chapter.”

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