Arci Munoz Creates Fuss over Cosmetic Surgery Speculations



Photo screen grabbed from Arci Muñoz via netizen Tricia Castro’s Facebook post

A set of photos is being shared all over various social media platform with Kapamilya star Arci Munoz’ facial changes since she started show business from a reality ‘artista’ search show. Netizens have been feasting around these images for quite some time now as rumors of facial reconstructions bombard the actress. With the photos come noticeable modifications on her features, if these pictures of her new self are really true.

Many cannot stop asking – has Munoz done something with her face? Or is everything only because of make-up tricks? These are still yet to be answered.

The curiosity of netizens has once again been stimulated after a series of her latest photos has made rounds on social media, most especially Twitter and Facebook. These speculations came from snapshots of a Facebook user named Tricia Castro during Munoz’ performance in a Pinoy rock show in relation to a product she endorses.

If her old photos will be compared to the new ones uploaded on social media, it will not be rocket Science to identify changes in Arci’s physical appearance. Comments on the pictures still pour in as of the moment. Most say that she has probably gone through cosmetic surgery to have parts of her face enhanced. They added that she cannot be recognized anymore. There are those who pointed that she had a nose job done. The same is also true with her lips since they have become much fuller than her typical. These are some of the usual reactions by the public. There is a meme circulating where Arci is likened to the late King of Pop Micheal Jackson. It can be remembered that the legendary music icon had gone through controversies as well regarding cosmetic surgeries.

IMAGE Instagram @ramonathornes / Facebook

While the internet can be a harsh place, there are those who still defend Arci. They claim that all of these changes might be brought about make-up tricks. They have given emphasis on the possibility of a nose line contouring and lip shade over lining. There are even netizens who added that it may only be because of camera angles.

This is not the first time Arci has gone through this kind of rumor.

Image: Screen grab of Arci Muńoz via Tricia Castro’s Facebook post

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