Kitang Kita: Why You Need to See It

Photo from Spring Films PH Facebook Page

If you have been lurking around the social media for quite some time now – you have surely stumbled these posts about Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez’ new hit, Kita Kita. Sino ba namang hindi makaka-pansin sa pelikula? The uncanny combination of de Rossi and Marquez is far from the safe formula most Filipino viewers experience in the cinemas. Well, admit it – the mainstream media is dominated by manufactured loveteams na ang trabaho ay magpa-kilig ng manunuod. This probably is the reason why Kita Kita turns out to be a breath of fresh air for movie goers.

Photo from Spring Films PH Facebook Page 

Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, the film revolves around Lea (de Rossi) who lives and works in Sapporo. After learning that her Japanese boyfriend cheats on her, she suffered a condition called temporary blindness. Then comes Tonyo (Marquez) who suddenly grows fond of the girl, and follows Lea around. The incessant efforts of the male lead to be friends with Lea becomes the start of a romantic relationship, and that is where everything unfolded.

Truth be told – the movie has it clichés’ too (well, which storyline and movie do not?). At one point – there were scenes which were obviously going the common route. It might have even gone the same route, actually. However, what separates Kita Kita from its contemporaries though is that it is unpretentious. No over-the-top dialogues. It does not pretend to be grand. It is simple and uncomplicated, but it does not fail to showcase the beauty of Japan. Thanks to its randomness and silliness, of course.

After watching the movie, you will surely not think of Bananas, Ramen and Sapporo the same way again!


A Massive Hit

Kita Kita is a box-office underdog! It is a surprise hit! Three days after its release on July 19, almost 50 cinemas were added on its list. More and more were requesting for it to be shown on other places too. The producers of the film which includes Piolo Pascual (Spring Films), Joyce Bernal, Lucky Blanco, Erickson Raymundo, and Viva Films, expressed their gratitude on a latest post on their fan page.




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